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Our values

You know us as a distributor of promotional textiles and that’s how we are defined, but that’s not all we are. Toptex is above all a trusted partner, the one you can rely on for all your projects. Whether you are embroiderers, screen printers, brand designers or print-on-demand specialists, we are here to support and advise you every day.

Our values are defined according to 3 main areas:

  • Trust, which we consider to be essential in our collaboration.
  • Professionalism, driven by the expertise we share with you.
  • Commitment, which we make to you by keeping our promise to you, to maintain a lasting, fruitful collaboration.

In this “Our values” section we would like to share our environmental commitments with you, as well as our beliefs and our corporate culture, all of which help you get to know us better and understand our work dynamics.