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Our aim is to support and inspire you on a daily basis, and so TopTex is continuously working to innovate and adapt to keep up to date with trends and current events.

The aim is to offer you new textile products for you to carry out original customisation projects.

This blog is where we tell you about ourselves and about the trends in promotional textiles, and where we give you our TopTex news.
With our range of trendy customisable clothing, innovative technical products, innovative production processes and showroom designs, TopTex makes every effort to remain your partner of choice.
As a distributor of corporate wear, TopTex is proactive in the development of this market in which we are growing and moving forward hand in hand towards new business adventures.

In this “Our news & trends” section, we would like to share with you articles with a wealth of original content. These articles are about TopTex and the brands we distribute, and also cover current issues in the world of corporate textiles.

Visit our new premises in Portugal!

Visit our new premises in Portugal!

Founded in France, the TopTex group now distributes more than 40 brands and nearly 3,000 personalised accessories and textile items across 14 European countries. Since then, branches have been established in Spain, Italy, Belgium, but also in Portugal more than ...