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TopTex, the textile distributor that supports you every day!

TopTex is there to guide you in your choice of customisable clothing. Whatever questions you may have when selecting your promotional textiles, TopTex can give you the answers.

At TopTex, we want to offer you ever more trendy and innovative products that will be the perfect media for your customisation needs and those of your customers. The corporate wear sector is increasingly competitive, so it is essential to stand out from the crowd and offer that little bit extra that will make a difference. As a textile distributor, TopTex wants to be your partner in this adventure.

Browse from page to page and let yourself be guided.

When a company manager contacts you for his textile project, it is essential to offer him the t-shirt, sweatshirt or cap that will enable him to best equip his teams.
You will have questions and we want to answer them by providing this advice area, the TopTex blog:

  • What material should I choose for marking a promotional t-shirt?
  • What weight should I select when choosing a sweatshirt?
  • What cut for a corporate shirt?
  • What colours should I choose for a cap range?
  • I only have a small budget, which customisable polo shirt should I choose?
  • What is the most appropriate care for a kitchen apron?
  • What kind of marking should be done on a tote bag?

In this “TopTex advises you” section you can find a selection of articles designed to help you with your day-to-day problems.

Whether you are advertising agencies, embroiderers, designers, screen printers, print-on-demand specialists or workwear specialists, we understand your business challenges. That’s why TopTex offers you enriched content on marking techniques, corporate wear selection guides, the ideal care for your professional textile, etc.

You will also learn how TopTex supports you as a logistics partner by going behind the scenes at our semi-automated warehouses. How does it work? How does TopTex turn your priorities into a daily organisation? Because when you order your batch of t-shirts to respond to a request from a promotional event or to meet the needs of a brand designer, you want efficiency and above all reliability and speed.