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What about workwear for summer?

29 April 2024 - 9 minutes de lecture
29 April 2024 - 9 minutes de lecture
29 April 2024 - 9 minutes reading
29 April 2024 - 9 minutes reading
29 April 2024 - 9 Minuten Lesezeit
29 April 2024 - 9 minutes reading
29 April 2024 - 9 minutos de lectura
29 April 2024 - 9 minutos de leitura
29 April 2024 - 9 minuti di lettura

With heatwaves and summer storms, the summer can be challenging for professionals, especially for those who work outside. And there are lots of them!

Construction sectors, landscaping, logistics, catering (cafés-hotels-restaurants), or leisure and tourism … In short, lots of professions involve spending long periods in the open air, at the hottest time of the day, alternating between air-conditioned interiors and the scorching outdoors.

To offer maximum comfort to these workers, it’s vital to adapt their workwear for the summer season.

Because comfort means well-being, which brings with it added efficiency, productivity and performance! But don’t forget, safety remains essential, even during the summer.

To sum up, there are lots of things to consider when it comes to designing workwear suitable for the hottest months of the year. And of course, these outfits must be easily customisable.

For customisable textiles and accessories for the summer, you’ve come to the right place! TopTex’s workwear ranges grow every year with new pieces in order to better meet your customers’ needs, standards and expectations.

We’re going to break it all down for you to make it clearer. Features by type of profession, customisation ideas and item examples: read all our tips!

Workwear for summer: things to consider

Let’s start with the essential characteristics for good summer workwear:


Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow the air to circulate and sweat to evaporate, keeping the body cool and dry

Flexibility and freedom of movement

Opt for outfits that offer good freedom of movement that allow the wearer to work comfortably, even when it’s very hot


Favour versatile outfits that can be adjusted depending on variations in temperature, whether by adding lightweight layers or wearing modular garments

Sun protection

Consider clothing with built-in UV protection, and accessories such as hats with wide brims or caps that protect against the sun’s damaging rays

Resistance and hygiene

Favour textiles that are easy to care for and clean, to guarantee good hygiene, even in the event of heavy sweating

Safety and protection

Some workers work in high-risk environments (construction or logistics sectors), and their clothing plays a protective role. Also, it’s helpful to choose textiles that are resistant to tears and abrasions, as well as to consider reflective elements for better visibility. And yes, safety must never be overlooked, even when the weather is hot!

Of course, each profession has its specific features. As well as safety, visibility and protection, other aspects can come into play.

Let’s take, for example, the world of service, hospitality, catering and tourism: professionals must remain presentable at all times. Also, depending on the status of the establishment employing them, t-shirts and shorts must be banished.

Luckily, there are alternative materials and cuts to create professional outfits that are flowing, lightweight and suitable for the requirements of every type of business: safety, elegance, freedom of movement, easy-care, etc…

Read on to discover our summer recommendations by group of profession.

Our summer selection for construction professionals

The construction sector is probably the one we think about first when hot weather arrives. And for good reason: those who work outdoors, on building sites, for example, are directly exposed to the powerful rays of the sun, summer showers and oppressive heat.



Men's Harmony trousers

Where possible, workwear shorts are ideal. Otherwise, lightweight but sturdy trousers make a good compromise. The Harmony style from U-Power with a weight of only 140 g/m² are both breathable and tough. Even better, they’re stretchy and have a reflective strip on the rear tubular loop.

To go with them, how about a 100% polyester t-shirt, such as the Birdseye styles from PROACT®. Designed for athletes, they’re lightweight, have a loose cut and dry quickly. The added bonus is that this range of t-shirts is eco-friendly (recycled polyester) and available in several modern, bright colorways.



Content Here

TopTex tip :

When it comes to customising textiles, by adding a company logo or slogan for example, you should consider the garment’s material and technical features.

For example, the marking should never be placed on reflective areas due to the risk of altering their properties. On the other hand, the logo can be flocked on the rear of the garment.

Our summer selection for DIY and gardening professionals

When it comes to artisans, gardeners, landscapers or farmers, their equipment and workwear must also be suitable for the season.

Always on the move, often outdoors, these professionals need practical, lightweight and hard-wearing outfits.



TECHDUCK trousers

Multi-pocket trousers for easy tool storage is a must-have for these profession. But for the summer, they also need stretch, comfort and a material that doesn’t make them too hot! The TECHDUCK style from Dickies is perfect: it combines two technologies, thermoregulation and Flex, for a stretchy fabric that wicks sweat.

A classic for gardeners: dungarees. Practical, because they’re made from a single piece, they can be easily put on over a simple t-shirt. The WK829 style from WK. Designed To Work is thick enough to be hard wearing, without being too warm and also boasts an elasticated back for added comfort.



Unisex work overall

TopTex tip:

When the weight of the fabric is 180g/m² or more, embroidery is an excellent marking technique. It’s hard wearing and will therefore be durable for workwear that needs to be washed regularly.

Our summer selection for distribution and logistics professionals

In the world of logistics, handlers and order pickers often work in warehouses that may or may not be air-conditioned. The same is true for distribution. Delivery drivers, for example, make a great many trips back and forth between their air-conditioned van and the outdoors to make drops or have delivery notes signed.

These professionals have one thing in common: they need outfits that can quickly adapt to radical variations in temperature.



Unisex lined multi-pocket polycotton vest

The versatile garment par excellence? The bodywarmer! This sleeveless vest adds a layer to an outfit, without overheating too much or hindering movement. This multi-pocket style from WK. Designed To Work is practical for sliding in pens, notebooks and phones, as well as being lightweight, flexible and easy to put on. Bonus: it also has a label for adding your name so it’s easy to find your garment when you get to work.

For delivery drivers who are in contact with customers, polo shirts are a good compromise. Halfway between a shirt and a t-shirt, they are both comfortable and elegant. The two-tone version PA489 from PROACT® has even been designed from Cool Plus® knit, which is ultra-lightweight and ultra-breathable.



Men's performance piqué polo shirt

TopTex tip:

Distribution and delivery companies in particular are facing a huge challenge: image creation and customer relations. Having the delivery drivers’ first names written on their t-shirts may be an original way to forge relationships.

For construction, landscaping and logistics professionals, why not consider



Original EcoStretch neckwarmer

A neckwarmer that wicks away moisture? The bonus? It can be used all year round: on your head in the summer to protect against the sun and to keep your neck warm in the winter



Hi-vis vest

A hi-vis vest that complies with safety standards. In a sleeveless version, it will be lighter and just as effective for safety purposes



Unisex wind breaker

An ultra-lightweight waterproof, easy to put on in the event of sudden showers. What about the top? A zipped style that can be folded in two steps with three movements



Cap - 5 panels

Don’t forget the must-have item in any summer workwear wardrobe: a cap. Easy to customise, they offer effective protection and complete any workwear outfit

Our summer selection for hospitality, catering and tourism professionals

Plenty of other professions involve being outdoors during the summer. Waiting staff on terraces, tourism professionals who lead guided tours or give water sports lessons… They also need to wear clothing suitable for extreme heat, while retaining a certain image in view of the customers.



Ladies’ trousers

How about hybrid trousers that never stop growing in popularity? Chinos! Available in a trousers, shorts or even a skirt version, they are a wonderful combination of comfort and elegance.

The PK703 from Kariban Premium Is the perfect example. Its mix of fibres brings stretch, resistance and an attractive look.

Pair with a shirt or polo shirt to create a lovely outfit for hotel-restaurant teams.

Surfing, kayaking, windsurfing… for instructors who spend all day out in the sun, protection is vital. Offer them anti-UV t-shirts that are super stretchy and customised with the name of their club and the first name of each teacher.

Complete their outfit with swimwear that is resistant to salt and chlorine.



Adult surf t-shirt

TopTex tip:

In our online store start by choosing a category (clothing, accessories, sports, workwear …) then filter the results by Season > Summer to display the styles suitable for this particular season.

What about catering and tourism professionals?



Men’s linen shirt with bowling neckline

A linen shirt, made from a naturally thermoregulating and particularly fashionable fabric



Short cotton apron

A short apron to put the finishing touches to an outfit for brasserie waiting staff while keeping them cool



Panama hat

The famous Panama hat, symbol of summer and holidays. Ideal with the name of a leisure club or beach restaurant marked on the fabric band!



Unisex microfibre trainer socks - 3-pair pack

Short socks or trainer socks made from microfibres are comfortable, lightweight and quick drying

To sum up, rising summer temperatures require lots of businesses to adapt their workwear and that of their teams.

And this applies to everyone! Construction, industry, hospitality, leisure… including the wider service field and so-called “office” professions.

At TopTex, we understand the crucial importance of meeting the specific needs of all those who work during the summer.

This is why we’re constantly adding to our catalogue, to offer you a diversified and complete range of clothing and accessories suitable for the summer season.

Between regular new KARIBAN BRANDS products and major well-known workwear brands (Result, YOKO, Dickies, Puma Workwear …), our mission is to make sure we offer you an answer suitable for the requirements of every profession.

In total, our catalogue includes more than 1,000 workwear and hospitality styles to kit out professionals throughout the year… and new products are regularly added to give you even more choice!

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