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The beanie, a winter essential

4 March 2024 - 6 minutes de lecture
4 March 2024 - 6 minutes de lecture
4 March 2024 - 6 minutes reading
4 March 2024 - 6 minutes reading
4 March 2024 - 6 Minuten Lesezeit
4 March 2024 - 6 minutes reading
4 March 2024 - 6 minutos de lectura
4 March 2024 - 6 minutos de leitura
4 March 2024 - 6 minuti di lettura

Much more than just a simple accessory, the beanie has become a mid-season and winter essential.

For style, for marketing messages or for unique branding, the beanie is THE detail that completes an outfit, and above all, one that is sure to be seen! This is a great asset for brands, who can display their logo with pride.

What makes the beanie even more popular in the world of customisable promotional textiles? Its usefulness, of course! Because as well as being a fashion accessory, it’s also an excellent way to protect yourself from the cold.

Fashionistas will love their original styles, outdoor enthusiasts will love them for their warmth and comfort, and businesses will love them for creating a sense of belonging within their teams.

In this article, we’ll give you some examples of when to opt for a customised beanie. We’ll take a look at the different styles, materials, shapes and colourways, as well as the techniques used to customise a beanie, to help you find the perfect piece from the TopTex selection.

Three reasons to customise beanies


To protect yourself from the cold:

Of course, the primary function of a beanie is to protect against the cold and bad weather. With its thick, warm and soft knit, it’s ideal for the colder seasons. Construction workers, gardeners, logistics teams – many workers need effective protection to stay comfortable despite low temperatures.

Want a fantastic partner to help keep your head and ears warm? How about a 3M Thinsulate™ lining, made from synthetic fibres with highly insulating properties? One example is the RC034X printable beanie from Result, with a patch on the front for easy customisation.

Not convinced yet? It’s also available in bright colours, perfect for complementing high-visibility clothing and combining comfort, safety and style!

There’s something for everyone.

Another big benefit of turning to customisable beanies to convey an identity or message is the wide range of possibilities. You’re bound to find the style best suited to your needs.

Classic shapes with a large turn-up, leaving plenty of room for customisation and perfect for all types of organisation: transport companies, sports or charity associations, local authorities, student unions, etc.

Plain, two-tone or patterned styles to play with colours or stand out with Christmas prints, for example, to make your staff smile at the end of year festivities.

Bobble beanies to give the piece even more style, and break up the “classic” look with a little touch of originality. A shape that will delight ready-to-wear boutiques!


For the one-size-fits-all unisex combo:

Want a compelling argument that’s sure to convince you to customise your beanies? This accessory is available in one size fits all and most styles are unisex.

Unbeatable for end of year gifts and customised goodies that can be ordered in one go without wasting time collecting different sizes or creating styles for men or ladies… Quick and easy, a valuable combination for those in a hurry who still want to make a lasting impression!

Choosing the right material and style

Now it’s time to tell you about the various materials that go into a beanie.

As with all textiles, we already know about the difference between natural fibres (cotton, wool) and synthetic fibres (acrylic, polyester or viscose).

Of course, each material will have different characteristics. In fact, for enhanced performance, several types of fibre are often blended together to create the perfect combination of softness, comfort and efficiency.

Specific treatments can be added to this mix of fibres, such as a water repellent treatment that gives the textile a long-lasting water repellent effect. This is the case, for example, with Beechfield’s B505 water repellent thermal beanie, perfect for tackling the cold.


Natural fibres

Cotton, for example, which is a natural, plant-based fibre, has breathable and absorbent properties, as well as keeping you warm. For professionals who work outdoors in cold, wet weather, it’s an excellent choice.

Another natural fibre you’ll find in some beanies is wool, which needs no introduction as it is renowned for its insulating and thermoregulating properties.

Synthetic fibres

When it comes to synthetic fibres, polyester is undoubtedly themost common material used in beanies. Lightweight, breathable and protective, it dries quickly, making it an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts in particular.

Polyester is often combined with other fibres, such as viscose or elastane, to give the finished fabric greater flexibility or elasticity.

Eco-friendly fibres

One of the most important styles to consider in your selection is the eco-friendly beanie.

Here again, for both natural and artificial fibres, environmentally-friendly alternatives are available.

For example, some styles are made from organic cotton, or Polylana® (50% recycled polyester / 50% polyester), such as K-Up’s KP951, part of the K-Loop tracking collection .


    Customising beanies using the right technique

    Let’s move on to the all-important marking stage.

    As you can see, beanies are accessories with specific characteristics. Turn-ups, thick or elasticated fabrics, variable composition… all these aspects mean that you need to pay particular attention to the technique you use for customising a beanie.


    Textile customisation professionals recommend three ways of marking beanies:

    • Embroidery is undoubtedly the most widely used technique, as it is perfectly suited to thick fabrics and offers a wide range of colours and designs, as long as they do not contain too many ultra-precise details. For example, this technique would be ideal for customising a beanie in the welcome pack of a start-up bringing in a new recruit. An eye-catching attention-grabber that’s sure to win you over!

    • The labels, which you’ve probably already seen on some beanie styles. Made from fabric, natural leather or synthetic leather, labels are affixed to the beanie’s turn-up and then laser-engraved. An on-trend, modern finish that will delight managers of ready-to-wear streetwear shops.

    • Badges, sewn or fused directly onto the beanie, give more detail than embroidery, as well as a premium, elegant look. Although inevitably a little more costly, this technique will nonetheless be effective for a prestigious gift.

    Beanies available from TopTex

    With all the benefits that personalising beanies can bring to our customers, it was important for us to make a selection with a wide range of looks and features so that there was something for everyone.

    You’ll find over a hundred beanies at TopTex: timeless basics, a wide range of colours, more original pieces, thicker models with good thermal protection, men’s, ladies’ and kids versions and, of course, eco-responsible options.

    The flagship brands? Definitely K-Up, the headwear specialist and accessories from the KARIBAN BRANDS group. The brand’s aim? On-trend, innovative, easy-to-customise products, and a resolutely forward-looking ambition, with certified sustainable designs (organic cotton or recycled polyester).

    In short, K-Up has more than 50 different types of beanie to meet any requirement in terms of style, characteristics, colours and placement.



    K-Up knitted kids beanie



    K-Up recycled beanie with patch and Thinsulate™ lining



    K-Up Christmas beanie

    Don’t forget to check out Beechfield and its modern collections, or Result, the benchmark in outdoor clothing for 20 years



    Beechfield recycled fisherman's beanie



    Result Core Softex beanie

    Now you know why the customisable beanie is a great asset for companies, how to choose it and how to customise it to make it unique, memorable and visible.

    In a goodie bag, as an end of year gift, a fashion detail, a key element of a work outfit… The beanie is an obvious choice for organisations and brands looking for a powerful way to get a message across.

    Sports associations, start-ups, service companies, artisans… in short, there’s no lack of opportunities to have your beanies customised.

    Think about it! On the TopTex website, each product sheet features a customisation simulator, so you can preview how the style will look once marked.

    And if you still have any doubts, you can contact our advisers, who will be delighted to help you make your selection!

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