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The chino, a fashion staple

18 March 2024 - 6 minutes de lecture
18 March 2024 - 6 minutes de lecture
18 March 2024 - 6 minutes reading
18 March 2024 - 6 minutes reading
18 March 2024 - 6 Minuten Lesezeit
18 March 2024 - 6 minutes reading
18 March 2024 - 6 minutos de lectura
18 March 2024 - 6 minutos de leitura
18 March 2024 - 6 minuti di lettura

Do you know the history of Chinos ? These lightweight trousers, made from cotton, have stood the test of time and remain popular, with their combination of smartness and comfort. Their origins are military, and date back almost 150 years! Today, they have gone down in history as an essential part of every wardrobeThis is the case both in everyday life and at work in a wide range of sectors. Ready-to-wear, service professions, the world of commerce… chinos are worn by men, women and even children. No part of the textile world could resist the arrival of this iconic item of clothing. In this article, we invite you to (re)discover the history of the famous chinos and the different models you can find at TopTex. Of course, we’ll give you tips on customised chinos and examples of contexts in which these trousers are ideal.

The history of chinos

The very first original chinos first appeared in India in the 19th century, at the height of the colonial era. Originally, they were a light colour, more beige or camel. These colours, close to the tones of the earth, sand and dust, allowed British soldiers to blend into the scenery thanks to their discreet clothing. In fact, at the time of their creation, these trousers were known by the Hindi term of “khaki”(= “terreux” in French for “earthy”), which has become a colour in its own right, spelled as “kaki”. Khaki trousers, Both comfortable and practical, they were fully adopted by the British army and later by American soldiers, who incorporated them into their camouflage uniforms.



Ladies’ eco-friendly faded cargo trousers

At the end of the Second World War, there was still a substantial stock of the fabric used to make khakis, and mass production and marketing began in America and Europe. The story goes that the first items were sold by Chinese tailors or merchants, who are the originators of what are now officially known as chinos.Above all, the chino has a very specific connotation: around the 1950s, this garment became one of the symbols of unprecedented sartorial freedom. Its relaxed look contrasted with the strict, classic codes of a bygone era. Since then, the range of chinos on the market has expanded enormously, with a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from, and even materials. Available as trousers, shorts or even a skirt, suitable for a wide range of contexts and seasons, chinos have become one of the world’s most popular styles for all kinds of occasion.

1 pair of trousers for 1,000 occasions

Both smart and comfortable, the chino is unquestionably an ultra-modern and versatile item of clothing that is particularly appreciated in situations where you need to be careful about the image you project to customers, without losing any freedom of movement.Whether you’re a salesperson, company director, delicatessen manager or sales consultant in a luxury perfume store, there’s no shortage of opportunities to make chinos one of the cornerstones of your working outfit!

In the business world, for example, salespeople have adopted the chino without hesitation for its impeccable appearance, its slim fit and its stretchy fabric.

All these advantages, plus the fact that care is much easer than with suit trousers, make it popular with high-end hotel and restaurant professionals too.



Miami slim fit chinos

In a 3-star hotel or a classy bistro, staff have to deliver a discreet and elegant service to customers, while being fast, efficient and productive behind the scenes. Chinos are an ideal asset, keeping you comfortable even when you’re rushing around during busy periods.

A twin advantage of comfort and elegance which is very useful in the service sector in general, where you have to juggle reception, giving advice, stocking shelves and receiving deliveries, for example.

TopTex tip

Florist, department or shop manager, tourist agency guide, events receptionist, beautician, etc. in short, chinos are a first-choice option in virtually every service, sales or advisory job where teams are in direct contact with customers.

For casual clothes , chinos are just as essential! Every clothing store needs to offer this alternative to the timeless jeans, to bring a bit of variety to its collections.



Chino skirt

TopTex tip

Paired with a blazer for a chic ensemble, or with a sweatshirt and trainers for a more casual look, one of the advantages of a chino is that it allows you to put together a variety of outfits and adopt very different looks, all while reusing the same item!

Our selection of chinos to discover



Men's chino trousers

A large choice of colours.

In addition to classic chinos In beige, sand, cream or brown, you’ll find more original shades, enabling you to create personalised business outfits for your customers. Think about it: some models come in several colours. This is the case for K740 chino trousers by Kariban,available in 12 colours. An ideal item for ready-to-wear boutiques, enabling them to offer their customers a vast choice of colours for the same model.

Original cuts and comfortable materials

In its emblematic trousers version, chinos come in straight, slim or fitted cuts. Now available as shorts and skirts. Interesting cuts, to propose to waiters and waitresses in a relaxed cafe atmosphere or to find in trendy boutiques for cutting-edge Spring-Summer collections.

In terms of materials, the chino is still mainly made of cotton. We often add a little elastane to make the material slightly “stretch”” so it’s more flexible and comfortable.



Ladies’ Front Row Stretch Chino Shorts



Men's Front Row Stretch Chino Shorts



Men's eco-friendly linen and organic cotton trousers

Eco-responsible options

We also offer eco-responsible modelscreated by committed brands, in our selection of clothes to customise.

This is the case of Native Spirit, whose mission is to offer demanding professionals a textile of the highest quality that is ethical and eco-designed. GOTS or OCS certified organic cotton, the EVE VEGAN label, or even OEKO-TEX®, strong commitments in favour of sustainable fashion are to the fore at Native Spirit!

Customising a chino, an original idea

To create a made-to-measure professional uniform in your corporate colours, or come up with new unique fashion items, all the elements can be customised: caps, jackets, T-shirts, etc., including trousers. And the chino lends itself perfectly to this! Its premium, dressy look, enhanced by embroidery, will fit in perfectly with any corporate professional attire, for example. A touch of originality that you don’t often see, and which can make all the difference. On a chino, screen printing is still possible, but we strongly recommend that you give priority to embroidery for customisation that lasts over time and withstands washing.

With regard to embroidery:It is perfectly suited to dense, fairly thick fabrics. In fact, this is the case for most chinos. Finally, a few tips for taking care of a customised chinoand keeping it intact for as long as possible:

  • wash cold for the first time
  • always wash a chino inside out
  • choose a low temperature (30°C) or even a delicate programme
  • use a low spin cycle (600 rpm maximum)
  • avoid tumble drying at all costs
  • iron inside out.

TopTex tip

White marks can sometimes appear on chinos as they are washed. To prevent them, avoid detergents containing bleaching agents, and use an anti-limescale filter, especially if the water is particularly hard.

Now you’re armed with the advice and arguments you need to offer your customers customised chinos.

Between the diversity of models, materials, colours and the possibility of customising a chino with logo or lettering embroidery, your customers are sure to be won over by this iconic item of clothing. If you need more information to narrow down your selection, or if you have a question about a particular model, our customer service team is here to help!

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