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A personalised shirt is always a good idea!

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28 November 2023 - 7 minutes de lecture
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28 November 2023 - 7 minutes reading
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28 November 2023 - 7 minutes reading
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Have you ever wondered where the shirt came from? Or when it first appeared?

Well, the shirt’s ancestor is thought to have been found in Egypt in 3000 BC! At the time, it was a linen tunic with wide sleeves that provided comfort. Much later, in the Middle Ages, it was used as underwear. Incidentally, the longer the shirt , the wealthier the man who wore it was considered to be. What a status symbol!

It wasn’t until the 19th and 20th centuries that the garment was really popularised and mass-produced. Before that, shirts had only been made by tailors, but now everyone was wearing them.

Little by little, new variations appeared: long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirts, different materials and weaves… the shirt now even had pockets, so it could be worn on its own without a jacket.

Shirts have evolved through the ages, but one thing is still true: they are worn next to the skin, so they need to be comfortable, light and well-cut, while still allowing good freedom of movement. In terms of look, the shirt is an extremely versatile piece: very formal or more casual, original or more classic… which is one of the reasons why it’s such a hit in the world of professional textiles! A personalised shirt can be adapted to a wide variety of environments, being both universal and unique. Shall we show you? A shirt can be…

Elegant and perfectly tailored, to suit hospitality professionals

You’ve probably noticed that in many hotels and restaurants, the staff are dressed impeccably. This is even truer in top-of-the-range establishments, where sobriety and refinement are the order of the day.



Men's pinpoint Oxford long-sleeved shirt

And because the image projected to customers is just as important as staff comfort, professionals in the hotel and catering industry generally opt for premium shirts.

What we love about TopTex is the 100% combed cotton models, such as the PK502 shirt from Kariban Premium. The cotton fibres have been combed to make them longer, resulting in a soft, supple, high-quality fabric that’s very comfortable to wear. What’s more, on this model, the little detail that makes all the difference is the cutaway collar, the epitome of elegance!

Of course, when it comes to creating a particularly chic work uniform, slim fit is the way to go, for an impeccable fit.

One of the most popular weaves is poplin. This is what gives the fabric its supple, fluid and very comfortable feel. One of our favourite 100% cotton poplin styles for ladies? The K510 from Kariban.

A slim fit, sober colour and easy-care treatment for simple maintenance: the perfect combination for sophisticated professional wear!



Ladies’ long-sleeved cotton poplin shirt

The shirt is THE corporate item , essential in almost every company. Whether for airline staff at the check-in desk, sales representatives conducting business meetings or estate agents on a viewing, they all have one thing in common: their attire must be clean and neat, and reflect rigour and professionalism. And for that, the shirt is perfect!

Casual and comfortable, for a trendy ready-to-wear boutique

When we think of a shirt, we often think of its chic, formal look. But, as garments, shirts have plenty to offer; they’re a veritable fashion item that can be adapted in infinite ways.

When it comes to ready-to-wear, you can afford less slim-fitting, classic cuts.



Men's long-sleeved mandarin collar shirt

In fact, if you’ve ever wandered into a trendy clothing shop, you’ve probably noticed the diversity of shirt shapes and fabrics available.

Take the Mandarin collar, for example, with the top Kariban K515shirt: it breaks up the very classic look of the shirt, to create the famous smart casual style we’re seeing more and more!

THE big trend of the moment? Oversized, a deliberately wide, street-wear-inspired cut that cleverly combines style and comfort. Open and worn over a t-shirt, a thick corduroy overshirt adds character to an outfit. For that urban touch, we recommend Kariban’s K599 shirt, available in three ultra-trendy colours.



Men's long-sleeved corduroy shirt

For warmer seasons, we suggest a fabric we’re particularly fond of: linen! Native Spirit offers 100% linen shirts for adults and kids that are comfortable, lightweight and thermoregulating. Perfect for summer! With its low water consumption, the flax plant is agreat eco-responsible alternative, as well as producing a hard-wearing fabric that’s comfortable to wear.

Native Spirit also offers more original and eye-catching options, with colourful prints and trendy cuts. The sustainable dimension is of course always a factor, thanks to a blend of linen and organic cotton. The result? Hard-wearing, comfortable shirts that will delight fashion brand designers and their customers alike!

As you can see, these slightly less conventional and strict versions are aimed at a wide audience. The sales staff in a trendy concept store, waiters in a brand new modern bistro, or teams in an innovative start-up won’t struggle to find something that breaks the mould, with just the right amount of imagination!

Lightweight and fluid, for jobs where freedom of movement is essential

A shirt doesn’t have to be tight and uncomfortable – quite the opposite!

Some models feature elastic fabrics that hug the upper body without restricting movement.



Cotton/elastane short-sleeved shirt

This is the case with cotton elastane, which makes the fabric stretchy and comfortable, even when you’re on the move all day. Department managers in a supermarket, for example, alternate between the office, the shop and the warehouse… they need outfits that don’t interfere with their movement, while maintaining a sophisticated image when advising customers.

Kariban’s customisable K531 shirt is particularly popular with our customers looking for a lightweight, timeless shirt.

If you’re wondering which shape to go for, the classic straight fit is a safe bet: slightly loose but well tailored, it’s perfect for all body shapes. Another option if you’re looking for comfort and style: the K538 ladies’ shirt from Kariban. Comfortable and elegant, its new non-iron technology fabric is perfect for easy care!



Ladies' long-sleeved non-iron shirt

So, to sum up, for jobs in logistics site managers and a large number of salespeople a shirt needs to be stretchy and light… in short, it needs to be almost ‘forgettable’ by the wearer!

But above all … easy to maintain!

Worn every day, each employee needs several shirts … in short, a shirt worn in a professional context means (very) regular maintenance! Washing, drying and, above all, ironing: a real headache for companies and their employees.

But don’t worry! There are treatments and special features that make caring for your clothes much easier, such as the Easy Care treatment: at the time of manufacture, the fabric is treated to ensure it remains soft and recovers its original shape more easily after washing. A shirt that has benefited from this process will still need a little ironing, but much less than a conventional shirt, and above all at a lower temperature.

In fact, there are various treatments that make the fabric softer and mean ironing and smoothing can be done much more quickly. The items in question display an easy iron graphic and should be washed and ironed at milder temperatures than usual for a perfect finish

Even better, new non-iron technology fabrics: the best of the best, these items don’t even need ironing! They are easy to spot thanks to the iron logo (opposite) or “non-iron” specified on the product sheet.

Antibacterial treatment Antibacterial treatment: reduces unpleasant odours and bacteria, as well as making the fabric resistant to washing at 60° and dry-cleaning. Less frequent wash cycles mean longer-lasting shirts!

TopTex tips for looking after your shirt:

Wash it inside out and dry it naturally on a hanger, positioning the shoulders correctly and doing up the first two or three buttons.

Of course, remember to take out the removable collar stays before washing. These small tabs slide into the collar to stiffen and hold the collar in place when the shirt is worn

Most importantly, whatever the style, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed to the letter. Depending on the material, the thickness of the fabric and even the colour, instructions vary from one shirt to another.

Also, don’t forget eco-friendly shirts made from recycled or organic materials.

Our favourites: customisable organic cotton shirts from Kariban. Soft, ideal for branding and available in a multitude of cuts, sizes and colours!

Do you still have questions or need specific advice? Our teams are here for you!

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